One way of support for children and young people is the active camps at Gridin Group's training center (village Kuršeliai, 30 km from Klaipeda). The camps are organized within the term of 1 to 10 days.

The active recreation camps at the Gridin’s Group training centre provide the support and youth activities for the children.

The camps are organized all year round.

Children and youth have their attention diverted from civilization, i.e. TVs, computers, etc. It is a perfect opportunity for the development of necessary skills, acquaintance with climbing equipment, and for testing their courage in scaling a climbing wall. The campers are entertained, communicate with each other and take away the finest impressions from the experience.

! Camps are provided a partial support. If some specific terms are needed, please refer to the Fund's administration. The application form of the support camp can be found here.