Alexandr Gridin’s Charity Foundation was founded on 18 September 2012.

The foundation has supported and further developed the programmes that are being carried out by the Gridin’s Group campaign group for a decade. These support programs have been initiated by Alexandr Gridin, based on co-operation in projects of public interest and based on the principles of respect for the individual, society and the environment.

During 13 years of activities the following support programs have been carried out:

• Support for Klaipėda city Children’s Hospital.

• Assistance for the professional, children and amateur sports teams.

• Support the various social groups – seniors, veterans, orphans, the disabled and others.

• Special support was provided for the city in the construction and maintenance of high-rise buildings, and organization of events.

THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE FOUNDATION is to provide integrated support to children, young athletes, to support the children of poor families, their health promotion, sports and employment. It provides help for large families and children of ethnic minorities.



Activities are not limited by one or several areas, and efforts will always be made to pay attention to those who really need help and support.


Excerpt from the articles of association of Alexandr Gridin’s Charity Foundation, approved on 29 August 2012.


1.1. Alexandr Gridin’s Charity Foundation (hereinafter in the articles of association referred to as the foundation) is a voluntary, independent public entity with limited liability.

1.2. The foundation operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Charity and Sponsorship of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Charity and Sponsorship Foundations of the Republic of Lithuania, other laws and regulations and its Articles of Association.

1.3. The legal form of Foundation: charity and support foundation.

1.4. Foundation name: Alexandr Gridin’s Charity Foundation.

1.5. The duration of the foundation is unlimited. The foundation is a beneficiary of support.


2.1. The main area of operation of the foundation is to provide support and training charity for teaching, education, training, arts, sport and health, social and welfare programs, social and environmental projects, to support other significant public projects, activities and programs, to support individuals and legal entities by providing various support to their ongoing professional activities, to promote and support the events and activities organised by Lithuanian ethnic and religious communities.

2.2. Areas of foundation activities: science, culture, education, arts, sports, health, social welfare, environmental protection, voluntary activities, consumer rights, trade unions, ethnic communities and religious communities, and other selfless areas of public interest.

2.3. Types of foundation’s activities:

2.3.1. provision of charity and assistance;

2.3.2. delivery of seminars, lectures, training, conferences, events and public programs;

2.3.3. local and international cooperation as well as cooperation with other agencies and organizations and with other legal entities and individuals;

2.3.4. counselling, representation, collection and systematization of the foundation’s financial and knowledge base, support of other significant projects and programs, their organization and execution for the implementation of the foundation’s goals;

2.3.5. implementation and support of education and health programs and social projects;

2.3.6. organizing and supporting seminars, training and courses, delivery of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to their participants, as well as participants of special programs and social projects in their areas of activities;

2.3.7. creation and enhancement of the material base of the foundation;

2.3.8. support of projects and programs significant for the public;

2.3.9. provision of opportunities and conditions to all natural and legal persons, foreign states and international organizations to support the foundation’s activities and participation in them.